Our message for everyone who's here for the first time.
It doesn't matter where the train stops. It is important where you're going!
When we first started this project, everything seemed easy. We just wanted to make the biggest SGI scene in the history of SFRAMES. It's ridiculous, but the rendering of this material alone lasted a week, and the whole project took a month of daily work.

Alex Storozhuk
SEO, idea author
How we worked on the project
1,5 week
Collection of materials, references, breaking down the ideas, storyboards, test scenes, determination of camera movements, lighting, calculation of rendering time.
2 week
Creating a scene and its settings, test renderings, selection of the mood of music and creation of the first inter-noise.
1 week
Final scene settings, fixing of all render bugs, test renderings of the scene in low quality, compose, completing the work with music and inter noise.
You`ve arrived
This commercial made the SFRAMES team sweat a lot. More than a month of work with CGI, 80 degrees computer temperature and 220V brain voltage. We have never done anything like this before and the main message of the video also told us that when we complete the project, we will see "You've arrived" on the sign, which will mean conquering the top and achieving the goal.