Only discounts are cosmic today!
About project
A commercial for our regular customer and great partner, Daniro.

The idea: "Only discounts are cosmic today!"

We've decided to break away from the usual perception of the Black Friday theme and create a stylized video with a metaphorical content of the frame, which best reflects its message. And also contain all the necessary information in 15 seconds to make advertising as effective as possible in any environment, and create a "WOW-effect" with impressive space scenes. It is the DANIRO showroom in space, far from Earth, on a meteorite, the place where buyers arrive in their pickups, is the most unreal and at the same time impressive moment of the commercial. This moment describes the large-scale goals of the manufacturer, the high quality of the product and is a pecshot.
What could be better than a Showroom in space

Cosmic "WOW-effect" - this is what we wanted to achieve by creating such a scene. After all, in addition to telling about the product, advertising should amuse, show ordinary things in an unusual environment and at a different angle distinguish itself from others with a unique presentation.
1 week
Breaking down the idea, gathering the materials (photo and video of the showroom for the model), storyboards, text development for the narrator, determining the style of the video, approval of the project, delivery of the mattress to the studio for future shooting.
1 week
Creating a stage and its settings, creating a showroom model, test renderings, creating music, prerolls + shooting a mattress, developing static creo for social media.
4 days
Final stage settings, test renderings of the scene in low quality, completion of the work on music and inter noise, recording of the narrator rendering of the scene, final composition of the scene, editing, color correction, captioning.